Light Textiles

Light Textiles the foundation in 1979, SAECHANG COMMERCIAL has initiated light industry with continuous training and development of employees under the maxim of “the value of the company is in its people,” amidst dramatic change domestically and internationally for the past 35 years. This company realizes “triple confirmation” through harmony among employees and continual R&D and quality management. And it carries out many research tasks to meet the need of customers, and it leads the world textile industry markers with its high technology and know-how.

The president of the company said, “Saechang will ensure creativity through R&D, innovation and quality-oriented spirit in this global society with continual investment in facilities and employees, and also we will be responsible for the development of society.” Toward becoming a world leader in light textiles (TRICOT), this company mobilizes its competency in pioneering highly productive offshore markets. Current flagship items include SPAN VELVET, MICRO SUEDE, TWO WAY FABRICS, MICRO BOA, MESH, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods