https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryCAMMSYS Corp. will launch a new concept of its Micro EV called CEVO-C, as the first among the CEVO series to be released. The CEVO-C, an assembly of basic technologies, is the first and only Micro EV conforming to the domestic law on manufacturing Micro EVs. The CEVO-C would be a perfect solution for those who want safe and enjoyable driving.
With the specially applied design optimized for urban environments, the CEVO-C can fully drive in narrow streets, allow easy parking in spaces that apparently seem to be difficult to park in, and permits the passengers to conveniently board it. Moreover, it has an air conditioning and heating system and enables driving in a comfortable environment over four seasons, creating a special attractiveness itself. This EV is enough to be called an optimized vehicle for urban drivers who drive about 40km per day on average for commuting. Requiring only three hours of charging, the CEVO-C can drive up to 100km, allowing urban drivers to enjoy city life. Drivers can expect to enjoy more unique moments in their daily lives with this EV.
The unique silhouette and vivid colors of the CEVO-C suggest the future for which the Micro EV is aiming, drawing keen attention of many people. The maximized wide windshield for openness, the smartly completed front lines, and the headlamps resembling agile eyes give a dynamic and sporty sensitivity to drivers. The balanced ratio of adding stability to the small body allows the driver to feel the delicacy in design. The combination of colors maximizes creating a trendy appearance to all parts that draw the attention of passers by. This EV enables the driver to enjoy a colorful daily life that stands out from that of other drivers.
Based on the upgraded functions and performance, and applied advanced technology, the CEVO-C has a more optimized system for safety than the existing Micro EVs. In particular, it has a capability of driving up the poorest condition steep roads in South Korea. And it has an algorithm for a hill start to assist on steep roads and thus eliminates potential risks in advance.
Also, this EV’s frame was formed with high tension steel plate for customers’ safety and the vehicle’s weight reduction. The EV’s balanced display of the driver’s seat and the front passenger seat of the EV make it the only such EV in South Korea, allowing the driver to take pleasure in driving fully. Thus, this Micro EV offers more differentiated value than any other Micro EVs.

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