Micro-prism Type Retro Reflective Sheetings

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryEstablished in 2002, MNtech has now become the global leader in the field of optical films for LCD display despite its short business history.

From its initial stage, MNtech steadily expanded its business to a variety of areas, from optical films for LCD display, touch screen panels, window films for vehicles and buildings through to traffic signage and vehicle safety reflective sheeting.

Mirae Nanotech’s RS-3000/5000 Series have special cube structures respectively and are micro-prism type retro reflective sheetings.

This product is now adopted for such various areas as road traffic signs, construction sections, industrial safety signs, etc.

Featuring excellent capability in day and even night, superior efficiency in reflection, conspicuous durability, excellent heat resistance and various colors &standard colors(ASTM D 4956), RS-5000 series is now fully meeting customers’ demanding requirements in real applications. Now RS 5000/5001/5002/5003/5004/5005/5006 are sold for various applications.

This company is struggling to contribute to creation of customers’ satisfaction through especially laying its emphasis on creative thinking-emphasized working style.

The president explained, “The creative thinking is the source in order to create higher values. Through this idea, we will supply better and more effective items with our innovative technology to our customers.” Now, more than 20 nations are of its customers including China, Japan, the UK, Russia, the U.S.A, Canada, Brazil, etc.

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