Fine Digital Releases Navigation ‘BF700 New’ Digital has recently unveiled its navigation fine drive BF700 with an octa-core CPU.
The fine drive BF700 New, features an octa core CPU that enhances the stability of its user environment. With fast multitasking, it realizes a smooth touch response, a quick route search, and quick and excellent voice recognition. Users can enjoy route guidance and mirroring of smartphone entertainment contents.
In particular, the BF700 New carries out a variety of functions for drivers’ safety. The device supports a state-of-the-art driver assistance system that provides information such as alerts on the departure of the car ahead and lane departures. Bluetooth tethering connects the BF700 New with smartphones so the device can receive the latest traffic information and update its software in real time.
In addition, Turbo GPS8.0, a patented technology of fine drive, enables the BF700 New to provide high accuracy in finding current locations and searching destinations and to carry out interactive speech recognition of 4.5 billion sentences optimized for the vehicle environment, and the recommendation of search words using big data. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Fine Digital Releases ‘Monster 7 Truck,’ a Truck-specific Navigation[INQ. NO. 1811M06] Fine Digital announced that it has recently released the Fine Drive Monster 7 Truck, a truck-specific navigation.
Fine Drive Monster 7 Truck is characterized by supporting customized guidance considering the specificity of trucks and the driver’s driving conditions.
In addition, this product is equipped with Atlan Truck 2, which is Mappers’ latest truck-specific map that has adopted the truck-specific function for the first time in Korea and enhanced the real-time communication service, to provide accurate directions.
Besides, this product leads the driver along the fastest route by reflecting the real-time traffic information through hotspot tethering and considering the data on road elements that affect operation such as limits of height and weight, etc. according to the truck information set up by the driver. You can also check the restriction time of truck driving or no entry zone of vehicles loaded with dangerous goods.
This product is also equipped with many functions for convenient and safe driving of the truck drivers who mainly work for long hours. When you use the highway mode, it provides detailed information on the service stations and rest areas for drowsy drivers based on the big data. When you search service centers, it preferentially recommends the service center appropriate for the truck that was set up at the time of searching.
In addition, it is equipped with the cutting-edge driver assistance system to provide information such as front vehicle departure warning, lane departure alarm, etc. It also boasts a high level of accuracy when you check the current location and search the destination through Turbo GPS 8.0 which is patented technology uniquely owned by Fine Drive.
Besides, this product supports HD DMB of high definition and high resolution free of charge. Equipped with Octa-core CPU and Android Lollipop, this product provides a prompt and stable environment and drivers can freely install the application, such as T Map, as they want. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods