Couplings[INQ. NO. 1803M06] Woo Jin Industry has since its establishment in 1991 been focused on producing various rollers for industry, rollers for financing machinery, office equipment, and flexible couplings by using polyurethane materials.
Especially, the company’s recent flagship couplings MAX DYNAMIC® and MAX FIELD®, respectively made of made of polyurethane, have been being exported to over 28 countries and they have been well received in overseas markets by acquiring ATEX (II2GD c T5) CE certification.
Woo Jin Industry’s Max Dynamic ® is the company’s current flagship product and is designed for facility protection for prevention of twist, impact, and abrasion. This coupling allows very simple replacement and maintenance without any oil or grease. Very simple replacement is possible without the separation of motor or connector on the related line due to its simple structure. It is possible for the dissimilar connection and assembly with the same hub. It is polyurethane-based product for good water and chemical resistance. It boasts the highest-level flexible elasticity on run. It creates less noise than existing ones.
This coupling is applied at such various places as agitators, blowers, compressor, conveyors, cranes, hoists, elevators, fans, generators, pumps, food industry, pulp & paper mills, rubber industry, steel industry, textile mills, aggregate processing cement, etc.
Woo Jin Industry is committed to becoming a company making constant efforts toward providing products of the best quality and to creating a clean global environment as well. Woo Jin Industry aims at establishing global networks in an attempt to fully meet the demands of promising global markets. Until now, Woo Jin Industry placed its emphasis on elevating its local presence through satisfying partner companies’ demands based on its own technology and related services. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Industrial Lubrication Oil System

Industrial Lubrication Oil System - KS IndustryKS Industry is capable of utilizing the project management methodology on a turnkey basis from engineering to commissioning in the fields of power and petrochemical plants, and steel/non-steel making plants.

KSI has been maintaining its overseas business relationships with some Japanese customers for 17 years or more, including Kobelco, Shin Nippon Machinery, Hitachi, and Kawasaki etc., and supplied them with various types of plant equipment as mentioned above.

The lubrication oil system from the company is essential for a plant’s rotating equipment, reducing friction and wear, and thus extending the lifespan of the rotating equipment. The seal oil system is a hypersensitive one sealing the hydrogen gas of a power plant’s generator.

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