GRAND BELL has been satisfying customer’s standards with their united professional worker from plan design to production line.

Grasping customer’s demand accurately and producing the food processing machinery which the customers want.


As a result, GRAND BELL has, since its inception in 2000, been experienced substantial growth by producing top quality food processing machinery,

Moreover, they won’t stop endeavoring to become the most esteemed food processing machinery company.


Wrapping Machine


– Installed photo sensor to check the load height.

– Wrapping condition is uniform by using of spur gear.

– Torque is powerful when low speed operation.




Banding Machine



– Easy banding by one-touch.

– Can order Arch size according to the packing size.


Thermoforming Vacuum Packing Machine



– Reducing labor costs and increasing sanitation by the automation of wrapping process.

– Automatic control system of whole wrapping process allows GBP420, user friendly, to trace individual wrapping status.

– Designed and produced with stainless steel structure results in excellent stability and durability, and also easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

– Offering Customized designs and solutions such as strict sanitary conditions, perfect process needed products, wrapping forms, production volumes and production environments

– Wrapping food including ham, sausage, processed meat and raw meat

– Wrapping processed marine products, industrial products and daily necessaries

– Wrapping medical devices and various hygiene items

– Configurable for not only single models but all lines linked to automation lines
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