Construction material

[INQ. NO. 1411M11] Alcopanel produces new material for construction called “Alcopanel.” It features lightness but rigidity and flatness, incorporating the functions of insulation and sound-blocking for applications in protecting buildings and expressing the structure’s features. material is a best quality functional product and it well represents the company’s business spirit of “Harmony,” “Creativity,” and “Integrity.”

The sandwiched structure of special panels is set between two sheets of corrosion-resistant aluminum plate (0.5mm or 0.3mm), which is mineral core.

Along with the merits of lightness, rigidity and flatness, the construction material does not exert extra force on the interior or exterior of the wall.

Construction-materialIts functions of insulation and sound-blocking help protect the building, while its design features help to truly express the building’s characteristics. There are three major items for overseas markets – ALCOPANEL (Aluminum Composite Panel), ALCOPANEL FR (Incombustible Aluminium Composite Panel), and ALCOPANEL ZN (Zinc Composite Panel). | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Marine incinerator

Since its establishment in 1981, Kangrim Heavy Industries Co. has rapidly grown into one of the leading suppliers on the domestic market for marine incinerators.

The incinerator burns up all kinds of solid waste and liquid waste during a ships’ voyage. The domestically patented marine incinerator consists of burner, sludge injection feeder, panel, and steel plate. The incinerator is capable of long hours (6~8hr) continuous operation. The equipment can supply solid waste and general waste continuously while it operates. The charging door is especially installed in the incinerator, thereby allowing the incinerator to supply solid waste and general waste continuously while it operates.

It allows the users to avoid burn danger when they touch it since the cooling air is sucked in. The product is currently actively exported to European countries, Japan, etc., winning approval among the clients in these areas for its highest quality.


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Composite Material – OCO

Since 2002, OCO ( Original Composite Opener ) has been all about being steady when it comes to research, development, and production for composite materials. It always pays off; the composite material manufacturer has a colorful track record that other competitors might not match. It includes over 10 successful government-led projects.

Numerous patents guarantee its state-of-the-art technology and more importantly its capability to achieve more in the future. As a leading company in the composite material industry, OCOS places the medical equipment, railway vehicle, wind turbine generator, and defense area above the rest. The firm exports MRI part and X-ray CT scan table to Japan and soon will supply more products like non flammable floor panels, interior & exterior panels, toilet modules, and etc.

Naval RADOME as the cover of radar installed on battleships can protect the radar from negative environmental conditions. They can possibly cause the loss of radio wave transmission. By doing so, it can maximize the excellent loss tangent. In order to achieve it, most of them are comprised of honeycomb sandwich structures which provide light weight, good resistance to sea water condition, and excellent radio wave transmission.

CT scan table is linked to the computed tomography (CT) scanner. A patient lies down on it. Its head rest or foot rest can be attached to the table to support a head or foot of a patient while improving the efficiency of CT scan. The table has the sandwich structure, made of carbon, to reduce the X-ray exposure, and for excellent X-ray transmission.

Tube / Bobbin for MRI is a component of MIR(Magnetic Resonance Imaging), and OCOS is manufacturing it while going through the filament winding process. OCOS also offers medical x-ray imaging tabs and interior materials for engine-driver’s cabin. For more information, you can visit

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