Paper cup forming machine

[INQ. NO. 1603M02] Hi Tech has been the leading manufacturer of paper cup forming machines in Korea since 1987 ( for vending machines, double layer noodle cups, ice cream cups, beverages, take out coffee, lunch boxes, etc.), based on its accumulated experience and technical development. High-quality paper cup forming machines developed by its own technology are being exported to customers in the United States, Europe, Australia, Middle East and Asia.

Daesung Hi Tech is receiving repeated orders from customers due to excellent performance & durability. Daesung Hi Tech becomes the representative manufacturer in Korea by providing customers with high-quality machines and reliable maintenance service. Daesung Hi Tech is committed to developing innovative technologies
and new products continuously for the customers’ satisfaction. Now, 13 kinds of highly competitive paper cup forming machines including DSS-80 can meet the demanding requirements of customers overseas for manufacturing of paper cups for applications of coffee, tea, hot drinks, etc.Untitled-1- | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods