Patrol Boat in 1989, FINE Inc. started its business as one of the most reputable manufacturers of automobile engines, washing machines for transmission assembly lines, leak test machines and automation systems for major automotive brand companies in Korea.
FINE Inc. has since expanded its business scope into the area of manufacturing military-purpose boats for Navy, Coastguard, Marine and Rescue.
In addition, the sale of FINE Inc. in the domestic market for the Korean Coastguards and Rescue department has broaden to overseas markets such as Africa, the Middle East, South Africa, Southeast Asia and others with various types of boats according to customized specification and quality. Its specially developed high-abrasion rubber sheets have been widely used for shoes, bags, cloths and many industrial purposes.


FINE-AL1600 (Patrol Boat)

FINE-AL1600 is a patrol boat with about 16.1m for length and 4.8m for width. It weighs about 15.2 tons with maximum speed of 25 knots. It has a marine diesel engine, 435HP TWIN and carries up to 20 persons. This patrol boat is designed for the purpose of patrol and rescue offthe coastal seas.
STOUT is used for shoes, bags, cloths and many industrial purposes. It comes with various colors and is high-tensile fabric with functional rubber material. Lastly, RUBFILM is for shoes, bags, cloths and many industrial purposes as well. It is a no-sewing type with functional rubber material. It is easy to attach as well. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods