PTFE Membrane Industrial Filter

PTFE Membrane Industrial Filter is an eco-friendly company that has two core technologies. One is PTFE membrane manufacturing technology and the other is a thermal lamination technology. Two kinds of core technologies can be applied to many fields like chemicals, textiles, environment, clothing, medical industries, etc.

This company’s unrivaled PTFE membrane-supported industrial filter gives highperformance, better efficiency than general filters as it is processed by applying a technology of thermal lamination into the existing dust collector materials(PET, Glass fiber, PPS). Thermal lamination is technology passing base material (wish lamination) to roller(400) and nip roller intervals.

PTFE membrane is laminated to base material that requires use of its technology. KOMEMTEC’s PTFE membrane filter media is a high-performance filter media that is thermally laminated onto nonwoven and woven with PTFE membrane. PTFE membrane filter media supplies high particulate capture rates, low pressure drop, extended filter life time and energy savings. With such advantageous features of PTFE membrane technology, this company’s industrial filter ensures many conspicuous functions such as superior performance of collecting dust, extended lifespan of filter, high chemicalresistance, excellent thermal safety.

This filter is used at various kinds of collecting facilities such as incineration, thermal/cement supplier, and portable dust collecting equipment. Major export destinations for this item include Germanyand China.

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