Carbon steel pipes & stainless steel pipes

Jiwon Steel is specialized in many different types and sizes of pipe and other items such as flanges, fittings, and valves. Jiwon Steel can supply piping materials that are used in power plants, petrochemicals, refineries, oil & gas plants and industrial plants. All of its products are in accordance with ANSI, ASTM, MSS, API, JIS requirements and can also be customized to clients’ needs and specifications. Among the pipes it can supply are: Welded Steel Pipe (ERW, SAW); Seamless pipe (Carbon steel, Seamless, Alloy); Roll Bending Large Sized Pipe; Polyethylene Coating Pipe; and Pre-insulated Pipe and Tubes for Heat Exchanger and Boiler. For this year, based on steady growth in the local market in terms of awareness, market share, Jiwon Steel aims to pioneer overseas market in cooperation with a governmental agency, local companies, expecting visible outcomes in the near future and positive effects caused by the result.

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Air release & vacuum breaker valve

[Serial No. 2013-B-061]

Prosave is always taking on new challenges and working as a pioneer to accomplish the unlimited possibilities of the newest technology for safety and environment protection devices of marine engines, petrochemicals, and on/offshore plants & desalination plants. Prosave’s automatic air release valve series are specifically designed to meet the requirements of water utility systems, greatly improving supply and distribution system efficiency. Prosave places special focus on ensuring that its products meet all applicable standards and specifications prescribed by the industry. From the most complex of applications to the simplest, its automatic air release valve series performs with precision and accuracy to provide exact control of pressure, flow, level, and surge and pump control.


The air release valves, also called small orifice valves, are designed to automatically release small pockets of accumulated air from a pipeline while the system operates under pressure exceeding atmospheric pressure. And Prosave’s air/vacuum valves, also called large orifice valves, are designed to exhaust large quantities of air automatically during pipeline filling and to admit large quantities of air automatically when the internal pressure in the pipeline drops below atmospheric pressure. Prosave’s combination air valves are also notable. They are designed to perform the same function as air/vacuum valves but, in addition, they will automatically release small pockets of air from the pipeline while under pressure, like an air release valve.

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