Piston Accumulator

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryUntil now, Korean companies have been importing piston seals, an essential component of piston accumulators for high voltage circuit breakers, from foreign markets. The reason is that there are some problems regarding durability, quality, and high/low temperature.
KUMAHYDPOWER CO., LTD. without relying on importing has successfully localized a new-concept piston accumulator made by designing two ribs into one rib that could be manufactured locally. This company solved the delivery matter and lowered high importing prices, thus increasing its global competitiveness.
KUMAHYDPOWER simplified the complex structure of the existing gas valves and it therefore improved its price competitiveness. A series of these flows led to the strengthening of local technology level. Given that many local companies engaged in this area still suffer from difficulties in making the complex structure of piston accumulators manufactured for high voltage circuit breakers for securing durability and safety, KUMAHYDPOWER recently released a more simplified structure of piston accumulator through tests for obtaining of reliability and a series of reviews. The option sale for this product is available depending on customers’ demands.

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