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[INQ. NO. 1303M08] Woojin Selex is a company that is engaged in developing and producing ultra-precision plastic injection molding machines, including hydraulic types and all electric types.

WoojinSelex’s Selex NE is one of the precision injection molding machines designed by the maker. The product is designed to offer more efficient injection solutions to its customers than any other injection molding machines on the market. The precision injection molding machine enables operators to process precision molding and service more efficiently.

Designed to assure the least consumption of energy, the customers can thus accomplish the highest returns on investment and optimal cost-effectiveness in operating the machine. With simple and compact appearance, minimal space for installation is needed. Its proximity of hydraulic pressure valve and cylinder allows improved responsiveness and precision control.

Its separate proportional control valves for pressure and flow rate enables control for low speed/high pressure and high speed/low pressure conditions, resulting in excellent reproducibility and responsiveness. Various patented products lead the
company’s activity of pioneering potential foreign markets.



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Tel : (82-32)575-3500 Fax : (82-32)579-7705
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Plastic Injection Moulds – Keon Woo Precision

Among many manufacturing processes, molding could be one of the simplest ones. It is a method that uses a rigid hollow frame to fill raw materials in order to shape and produce multiple models. There are more than enough applications for the molding products: various house appliances, furniture, cases, structural materials, etc. Korea’s KEONWOO, as a mold specialist, is well-equipped to meet global standards regarding quality, delivery, and satisfaction issues for its customers.

Launched in 1990, KEONWOO has been a pioneer in Korea’s die and mold industry. Focusing tenaciously on “better and bigger” in terms of quality and product value, thanks to the molding maker‘s development & research team, KEONWOO has been successfully delivering the best mold solutions and products to customers at home and abroad. The firm also has been paying careful attention to customers’ feedback in order to have a good and responsive relationship with customers; KEONWOO focuses on meeting difficult customized orders with rich experience and the finest technology. A number of global companies such as FUJITSU, EPSON, TOSHIBA, SIEMENS, NISSAN, Panasonic, etc., have been using KEONWOO’s various molding items,

There are numerous types of high-precision plastic injection molds you can choose from. The telecommunication category includes many different shapes of mobile phones, office phones, and other communication devices like facsimiles. Computer & Accessories offers mold items for laptops, personal desktops, monitors, monitor panels, etc. KEONWOO’s Home Appliances & Office contains all types of common items such as printers, radios, ovens, and so on. The other categories are Industrial, Automotive, Battery & Containers, and others. For more information, please visit

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Plastic Injection Moulds of About Keon Woo Precision Ind. Co., Ltd.

About Keon Woo Precision Ind. Co., Ltd.

Keonwoo Precision Co., Ltd established in 1990, is one of the leading high precision plastic mould and injection mould manufacturer in Korea, located in Kumchon-Ku, Seoul. We specialize in manufacturing and designing of different plastic injection die and moulds such as home appliances mould, telecommunication parts mould, auto parts mould, industrial appliances mould, computer parts mould, battery and container mould and daily use products mould.

Our main mould products includes handset case and accessories, case for notebook computer and accessories, case for telephone and facsimile and accessories, case for audio and video recorder and accessories, accessories for automobile, LCD monitor case and lighting panel, industrial appliance case and accessories and more. We mould products within limited time precisely. We have advanced technology and equipments plastic mould which purchased from international markets. We build the mould that satisfies the customer’s needs with the aid by prominent technology and perfect teamwork. We assure long mould life, reasonable price, short lead time, on time delivery and satisfactory service.

We promise that we will remain as your faithful partner who can help your prosperity and the development of metal mold industry as a whole with continuous technology development, quality control and in-time warranty service.

Give us a chance, you will get the satisfaction. Let’s develop and create marvelous success together!


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