Commercial Dishwashers

[INQ. NO. 2205M19] PRIME’s dishwasher basically guarantees energy-saving and powerful washing. PRIME provides optimized products for customers to efficiently use them.
By using highly efficient heat-exchanging technology, its products minimize the consumption of electricity needed to heat up dishwashing water or to dry wet dishes. Thanks to highly efficient pump motors and specially manufactured high-pressure washing nozzles, its products have increased washing power by 30% compared with other existing ones while consuming less electricity.

It is all possible to manufacture and install various lines of dishwashers including hood-type dishwashers, undercounter dishwashers (glass washers), rack-conveyor-type dishwashers and flight conveyor dishwashers into a number of forms and combinations customized to users’ kitchen conditions.
As all dishwashers produced by PRIME are powered on by the simple operation of switches, anyone can use any of its products easily and simply.
PRIME is a professional company that provides customers with convenience and perfect washing based on experience built up over many years, and new technologies.
The company off ers a wide range of options meeting the needs of customers through various types of product models used for narrow kitchens of small-sized restaurants, medium & large-sized restaurants, premium restaurants, schools, hospitals, industries, hotels, resorts, franchised restaurants, amusement parts, officetels, military camps, public organizations, cafeterias, and so forth.
As a leader in advancing kitchen environment, PRIME is focusing on researching technologies and developing products in various ways so as customers can experience its creative innovations. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods