Precision Machining Centers[INQ. NO. 1712M01] SIRIUS-1350 is a precision machining center specialized for medium- to large-sized mold & die production. With Hwacheon’s unique machining software built in, it provides a geometrical accuracy that satisfies customers with improved productivity. It is especially suited for high quality mold machining which requires a superb surface roughness like machining head light bezel.
SIRIUS-1350 can process load capacity of up to 8 tons. For this series, the applicable tool length is up to a maximum 500mm. Precision enhancement technology of a Box Way feeding system is applied. It minimizes the vibration influence by separating the source of vibration (Oil Cooler) and the machine body.
For enhanced user convenience, the series has some impressive features: the series adopts full cover so that it can prevent scattering of chips & coolant; it secures wide door opening range for easier loading/unloading of large materials; a coolant gun is applied as a standard accessory; and a chip conveyor is designed for easy coolant tank cleaning. With the efficient unit arrangement and applied linear coolant tank for easy disassembling and reassembling when cleaning, the series makes easy maintenance possible.
The main features of the series include various main axis specifications with low vibration and low heat generation (Built-in Spindle/Oil-Jet lubrication/Difficult-to-cut processes achieved through high torque spindle). It is capable of large size mold & die production so that it is able to set various sizes of work material. Magazines are available in various specifications, which enables configuration of magazine options according to tool specification.
SMART CORE is a slide/incline core machining center that can complete all machining processes with a one-time workpiece setting by providing a solution dedicated to automatic CAM, interference detection, tool and machining data, and index table.
The intuitive operating environment provided by this machining center include atomatic attachment of table and clamping jig, intuitive angle input for B/C axes, automatic creation of 3+2-axis post based on input angles, automatic linkage of machining command function for inclined surfaces, and interference detection simulation. This center adopts high-precision and high-rigidity index table, boasting compact design. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods