New Industrial Connector SpeedTec

nics1[INQ. NO. 1305M28] It features much decreased cable setup time.

Igus Korea unveiled its new ESD plug-type connector “SpeedTec” developed in cooperation with German connector specialty manufacturer Intercontec.

Taking advantage of Intercontec’s connector and Igus’s cable chainflex, this new type connector ensures both excellent waterproof and dust-proof structure of IP 66/67. It features a ‘Quickclosure System’ by which the user can completely finish connecting setup with easy prior operation of a slightly spinning connector terminal.

In the automation equipment industry, it is sure to create a big sensation as it contributes to ensuring speedy and safety energy transmission. The injection coating for plugs is available both for general plastic and special conductive material ESD. In addition, the users – who have been using the existing intercontec connector and Igus ready cable, separately – can use the connector in a significantly shortened period of delivery time.

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