Roadside Tree Protector / Green Belt Protector

201309M_Earth Green Korea Green Korea has become popular company in the area of manufacturing of variety of protectors that protect various kinds of trees. This company now in Korea has positioned itself as a major company contributing to the creation of beautiful city environments.

Earth Green designed its two major roadside tree protectors and green belt protector aiming not only to contribute to the fast-growing of trees, but also for ensuring safe and pleasant downtown roadsides. These products would make it possible for the cities with rich trees to be part of a city that lets people feel a familiarity that other cities do not have.

For the disabled, perambulators, pedestrians wearing high heels, etc., these items have adopted universal designs. For easy transit of rain, oxygen supply, and fertilizer supply, water supply tube and nutrition supply tube are provided.

The customized and assembly type is available, making a strong contribution to the promotion and preserving of tree growth. They make the surrounding space broader.

The applied FDAcertified non-toxic HDPE material strengthens it enough to maintain its original shape even under the power of a one-ton truck. The modularized structure enables cost-savings by only substituting broken parts.

Now these are shipped mainly to developing areas in Vietnam and China. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods