[Serial No. 2012-B-132]

As a global leading transformer manufacturer, Samil Transformer has continuously devoted itself to producing optimized highest-quality transformers through integrating computer science into its innovative design and production technology.

With the motto of “Zero complaints from customers,” the company is making all-out efforts for its clients just like it has been doing over the past 35 years. The company’s transformers ensure excellent stability and reliability. There are no possibilities of exploding in fire due to epoxy resin with high flame resistance, and vacuum molding of high-pressure coil results in protection from moisture, which makes it possible to use power without a drying process.

Transformers They also show robust coiling and structure; Design and molding to be endured in temperature change and overload, which gives high overload capacity within short times, and vacuum molding of coil makes it possible to be robust for short and impulse. Basically, they guarantee longer life and high efficiency; Vacuum molding with advanced casting facilities and excellent insulating materials gives longer life of the transformer and advanced designing and manufacturing technologies results in higher efficiency. Moreover, they contribute to a sustainable surrounding environment and allow easy maintenance; there are no possibilities for oil leakage since they do not use oil, and there is no need to separate firefighting facilities as they have excellent flame resistance.

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