Yoke type track roller

[Serial No. 2012-B-160]

JMC Yoke type track rollers are suitable for handling high loads. They are applied as guide rollers, rocker valve rollers, eccentric rollers, table support rollers. They also can be used for many other applications involving either linear movement or the translation of rotary motion to axial motion and they are also readily available, easily mounted and low-price bearings.

There are two kinds in a series of NART which is a non-separable type, one has a retainer (or cage) to make needles rotate freely at high speed and the other is just stuffed with needles so as to endure heavy loads at relatively low speed. The range of bore diameter is from 5mm to 50mm and NART..R, which has a crowned outer ring like the company’s regular products.

Yoke-type-track-rollerhttps://korean-machinery.com///inquiry Yoke type track rollers of series NAST are newly developed to satisfy our customer’s increasing requirements. This type is one of our standards and consists of an inner and an outer ring, retaining washer and a precision cage. Type NAST characterizes not to have thrust washers fixed with inner ring. NAST..ZZ which has two retaining washers on both sides is a little different from NART.

The thrust washers of series NART are pressed into the inner ring, thus making the rollers inseparable. In series NAST, the retaining washers are loose and the rollers are separable. NAST are all separable types. There is another type, RNAST which has no inner ring. This type runs directly on the shafts or in the housings.

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