New Regeneration Energy

AT has manufactured the roll to roll coating system for the production of flexible solar energy, lithium secondary battery and window solar film which will be the alternative form of new regeneration energy in the future. It has also manufactured the roll to roll sputter system which is made for coat the lower electrodes of flexible solar energy, the roll to roll thermal evaporation system which is made for coat the lithium battery and the roll to roll sputter coating system which is for producing window solar film or low-e film. We will make all the efforts to pioneer a new market in the field of new applied regeneration energy which is very promising in the future and to provide the competitive and efficient equipment with customers. We provide a complete line of roll to roll coating systems which are convenient to utilize and set up according to various industrial needs. Our roll to roll coating systems are manufacture with the constant research and development to make it more suitable for every company unique requirements.



The system apparatus for depositing the base electrode / TCO top layer of flexible solar cell


This equipment which forms the base electrode of flexible solar cell is equipped with the plasma cathode that has the power density for the deposition process. The system is able to produce the flexible solar cell that maximizes efficiency.
•Film specifications : 334mmW x 600M x 50um
•Power supply specification : 220 ~480Vac, 3 phase, 50 ~60Hz
•Plasma power supply : DC, Pulse DC, MF
•Use the plasma treatment for treatment on the surface of film
•Deposition materials : Metal and Oxide kinds, Nitride kinds


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