Root Industry, the Starting Point of Future New Growth Engine Industry


“Root industry is all about making materials into components, and then components into finished products through various process technologies, which is the core of the manufacturing industry. Despite its importance, however, root industry has been recognized as a so-called 3D (Dangerous, Dirty and Difficult) industry, so its competitiveness has been gradually weakening. Now, root industry has to be promoted as
an ACE (Automatic, Clean and Easy) industry.”
Mr. Sang-mok Lee, manager of the Korea National Ppuri Industry Center, strenuously insists that without strengthening the competitiveness of the root industry, the roots of Korean manufacturing cannot become compacted tightly, while emphasizing the importance of root industry.
According to the definition provided in Article 2 of ‘The Law on the Root Industry Promotion and Modernization’ enacted in 2011, root industry means the industry which leads the business sector by utilizing such process technologies as molding, casting, welding, plastic working, surface treatment, heat treatment, et al.
Manager Lee explains, “Root industry, which is the basic process industry, is not shown up to the surface like the root of the tree, but remains embedded in the finished product, thus forming the basis of the competitiveness of the product.”
Also, according to his explanation, “The importance of the root industry is great to the extent that when a car is manufactured, the ratio related to root industry is about 90% based on the number of components, and the cost of welding per ship accounts for about 35% of the total shipbuilding cost, while the automobile industry also has a framework for growth on the basis of solid root industry.”
Considering that the Korean economy has been growing based on the manufacturing industry until now, we can say that the role and function of root industry forming the backbone of the manufacturing industry is very important for strengthening Korea’s global competitiveness. On this account, the government is practicing various policies for enhancing root industry and, thereby developing it as a high value-added industry. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods