Safe-driving Device(Monster Steer Grip)

Protecting the health and safety of drivers
[INQ. NO. 2112M10] Samilbnc’s latest automobile safety device, Monster Steer Grip, can be installed on the steering wheel of an automobile and has a unique acupressure massage structure.
Thirteen industrial property rights applied to the 573 massage dots feature ergonomic design. They continuously massage the driver’s hands while they are on the steering wheel without interrupting the control, and promote blood circulation in the palms and the fingers, helping the drivers manage stress, and preventing drowsy driving.

Safe-driving Device(Monster Steer Grip)

Monster Steer Grip is convenient, because it can be installed in a position the driver prefers according to his/her driving style. Monster Steer Grip is made of eco-friendly silicone rubber that meets the European standard on hazardous materials. The silicone rubber will improve the driver’s grip on the steering wheel with its unique friction force and grip force, and it prevents the driver from losing the grip on the steering wheel.
Monster Steer Grip can be easily installed and removed. Even a female driver can do so in three seconds, so it can be easily cleaned to ensure that the steering wheel remains sanitary.

Safe-driving Device(Monster Steer Grip)

The shoppers can find Monster Steer Grip by entering the keyword “KimYo Works” on Amazon USA, as well as via JP, FR, IT, and ES.
Monster Steer Grip is a safe-driving device that continuously stimulates the palms and the fingers to promote blood circulation, keep the driver in good health, relieve the driver from boredom and stress, and avoid drowsy driving.
Monster Steer Grip is proving to be popular ─ it attracted 3,741% funding from Makuake crowdfunding in Japan, and received 4.6 points (out of 5-pont scale) on purchase satisfaction from Amazon.

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