Eco-friendly High Place Agricultural Operator

Agricultural Operator[INQ. NO. 1403M28] Technology helps us survive. The evidence is clear; feminine has become very rare today.

Thanks to agricultural machines, mass production has been possible, and farmers are happy. And SungBoo Industry keeps them happy in Korea with its latest inventions : Eco-friendly Electric High Place Operation Car.

It is Korea’s first electric high place operation car, SB-7000. Its main duty: helping farmers’ difficult tasks by lifting them up as high as 4.7 cm.

SB-7000’s easy control panel does not require special skills to operate. Defying potential dangers, the unit is built with safety measures: Emergency Shutdown, Power Shutoff, and Safety Bar. Maximum load is 250kg.

Once charged fully , the model can run for 2 to 3 days straight. For running and driving systems, it has Motor 2EA Independent Drive Running (Caterpillar type) and Motor-driven Hydraulic Unit (Perpendicular Rising type).

SungBoo offers another model : SB-8000 which is a boom-type electric high place operation car. The other units are multipurpose corn threshers, auto changers, and screw-type grain containers. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods