Automatic Seeding Machine

[INQ. NO. 2208M34] Based on about 130 patents, Kwang Pung Co., Ltd. has the technical capabilities to manufacture the following machines, not only for domestic use but also for export to other countries such as India, and Egypt.

Kwang Pung is an agricultural machinery company specializing in sales auto seeding machines and soil pulverizers. It also manufactures sorters, washers and harvesters for chestnuts, walnuts and ginkgo berries.

Kwang Pung’s aim is to continue producing machines that could improve the lives of those people working in the agricultural sector.

As an indispensable machine for rice farming, this product is able to simultaneously perform four different functions (preparing the bed soil; watering; seeding; and soil-covering) by using nursery boxes. JK-580 is a model that is equipped with essential functions, and it has been released at a reasonable price.
All of the processes including box-placing, making the bed soil, watering, seeding, and soil-covering, are performed automatically at the same time. As such, this product is able to save labor costs and increase work efficiency to sow a large amount of seeds in time.

Being equipped with a control motor, it can adjust the speed of seeding from 500 seedbeds to 1,000 seedbeds. Watering is done in a free-fall way through the watering pipe.

It is possible for the user to easily check how much is left, as the rice seed, soil, and water tanks are made transparent. It is also possible to easily control the amount of rice seeds and soil by using the hand lever.

As the seed roller is equipped with seed-dropping blades used to drop seeds correctly, it does not result in missing hills.

It can adjust the amount of rice seeds from 100g to 400g to each seedbed. It is also able to handle seeding from 500 seedbeds to 1,000 seedbeds on an hourly basis. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Seeding Machines

[INQ. NO. 2208M15] Jang Automation Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1996, is a company that provides various seeding machines to farms based on its continuous R&D.

Moreover, it has spared no efforts in establishing thorough quality-assurance systems and developing eco-friendly products through the best technology in Korea, resulting in obtaining international certificates such as ISO9001, ISO14001, European CE mark, and others and exporting seeding machines to some 130 nations including the USA, Australia, China, Japan, European nations, etc.

Gravity-Based Leafy Vegetable Seeding Machine (JP-1)
JP-1 is produced with a single roll — or two, three, or six row. As it is made light, anyone is able to easily handle this product. By adopting a seeding roller made of a special material, carbon fiber, that discharges static electricity, it does not cause missing hills when seeding.

In addition, no seeds come out when going back. And it is also possible to sow seeds in rows and with spaces in-between. It is equipped with a hopper one-touch function to detach and attach seeding rolls that are to be replaced as per each of the seed types (seeding spaces at 11 different intervals) and comes with a hopper vibrator as an option.

Engine-Attached Leafy Vegetable Seeding Machine (JAS-1000C)
JAS-1000C is produced with five, eight, nine, or ten rows, and has passed the agricultural machine general test conducted by Foundation of Agri. Tech. Commercialization & Transfer. It does not generate missing hills as it has adopted a seeding role that discharges static electricity. And the C-type equipped with moving wheels to which power is transmitted is convenient when loading and unloading trucks, moving packages, and moving on slopes.

In addition, the depth of each plow can be controlled. As the driving wheel and the pressing wheel are all made of aluminum, it is light and has improved concentricity uniformity. Thanks to the auxiliary wheels in the front, it can rotate 180 degrees.

Large-Sized Seeding Machine for Leafy Vegetables (JTS-24)
JTS-24 is able to sow seeds with 24 rows on 22m beds(soil beds) in width. And as per each of the seed types, the seeding rollers are replaced (seeding spaces at 11 different intervals). It does not result in missing hills as seeding rollers that discharge static electricity. Thanks to the one-touch solution, it is easy to detach the hopper built in rows. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods