High-end hydraulic components gaining global recognition

INQ. NO. 1407M16] Power steering units are an essential component for steering automobiles, and especially heavyduty vehicles and those from Sinjin Precision Co. guarantee excellent steering power, resulting in reliable, comfort and safe driving.

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry By providing a mechanical link, they bring about good design flexibility and strong pricecompetitiveness. To minimize a driver’s fatigue, they are designed to prevent the wheels from transferring the load to the steering column. Their oil output is conducted in direct proportion to the steering speed, thus ensuring low input torque and continuous steering capability. Inlet check valves, relief valves, shock valves and suction valves are available upon request.

1407M16_1 Sinjin Precision Co.’s gear pumps provide reliable and highly durable service under rugged conditions, due to their excellent hydraulic performance, flexibility, high efficiency and low noise. They efficiently carry pressurized hydraulic fluid to the actuator. “SEP Series” gear pumps employ a cast-iron body and hardened-steel gears, thus ensuring superb performance.

1407M16_2 Main control valves from Sinjin Precision Co. are designed to effectively control forklifting, master tilting and auxiliary moving. They generally function as a directional control valve. But, several pressure and flow control valves, such as relief valves, flow regulator (down control) valves and tilt & lift lock valves, are also on offer. Products Recommended by 30 • July 2014

Since its establishment in 1993, Sinjin Precision Co. has constantly developed hydraulic components for industrial vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction equipment like forklifts, tractors, wheel loaders, rice transplanters, street sweepers, marine vessels and lawnmowers. The company’s power steering units, hydraulic pumps/motors and hydraulic control valves have earned high reputations both at home and abroad.

1407M16_3 Among the maker’s customers are Doosan Infracore, Hyundai Heavy Industry, Daedong, Kukje Machinery, Clark Material Handling, Kubota, Mitsubishi and Hitachi Kenki and CukurovaMakina.

As a leading domestic supplier of hydraulic components for construction equipment, industrial vehicles and agricultural machinery, Sinjin Precision Co. has committed its efforts to research and development activities.

The company’s products are designed through SolidWorks (3D modeling), CFDesign (flow analysis) and AMESim (system simulation) and are manufactured cuttingedge equipment and technologies. All its products undergo the firm’s strict quality inspection and performance tests.

With ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, Sinjin Precision Co. has acquired various international patents for its production technologies for power steering units, brake valves and control valves.

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