Artificial snowmaking machine

[INQ. NO. 1501M09] SnowTech’s latest artificial snowmaking machine dubbed ICE MAGIC allows the customer operators to make as much snow as they wish all year round, and anywhere they want to make it.

The snowmaking machine causes no harm either to humans or to the surrounding environment as it uses standard ice. It can make snow anytime, regardless of freezing point. It can be easily moved using a tractor. Equipped with a hose, the snowmaking machine can make snow anywhere.


The machine ensures easy operation as it only needs to be connected to a power source (380V/3-phase), not requiring separate facilities. Now, it is widely used for creation of outdoor and indoor ski resort slopes, events at the entrance to a ski resort (including Christmas, New Year, and other special occasions), creation of a snowy scene at a welcoming ceremony and camp fire, opening of sled resorts during the winter season, creation of ice rinks and sled resorts, etc.

Artificial-snowmaking-machine_1With 550kg in weight and 290mm and 170mm in size, it offers snowmaking capacity of 4.8m3 of ice crushing per hour (snow gravity:0.35). And it was designed with noise of 70dB (measured at the 1 m width and height of a main body). | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

Snowmaking Machine

Snowmaking Machine[INQ. NO. 1310C36]IceMagic is a snowmaking machine that works all year round regardless of temperature, unlike traditional snowmakers that can produce snow at temperature below zero.

This snowmaker’s application varies: snow play zone, theme park, snow experience park, snow falling event, indoor & outdoor ski resort, snow sledge park, etc.

One of the biggest advantages of this snowmaker is that it can generate a convincingly fine and fluffy quality snow close to the natural snow. With the snowmaker, you can easily make ice into snow at any time in any season. That is why the snow does no harm to either human beings or the environment as it naturally melts away.

It also easily works with power source (380V/3-phase) and hardly requires any other additional facilities such as a pump and water storage tank. SnowTech is a professional manufacturer of snow machines and snowmaking equipment.

With a specialized technology and unique idea, the company provides special snowmaker which produces real snow not only at temperatures below zero but at room temperature all year round.

It is striving to make it possible for people to share the pleasure of creating special spaces with real snow anytime and anywhere in the world. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods