Tube Mill & Straightening Machine

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[INQ. NO. 1505M30] Ever since its establishment in 1990, KTM Tech has been producing and delivering advanced technology and machinery for quality tube and pipe to customers, which resulted in accumulating of know-how about manufactures of tube, pipe. KTM Tech can supply machinery that ensures highlevel technology, high quality, easy to use, and high productivity, with assurance of decreased manufacturing cost, timely delivery.

Tube-Mill-&-Straightening-Machine The long years of experience and faithful observance to customers’ needs made it possible for the company to design machinery suitable for pipe manufacturing line and tube manufacturing. KTM Tech supports the so-called “Turnkey system” and the customized manufacturing , basically with upgrade of the existing equipment and complete after-service.

Now it manufactures tube mill, straightening machine, drawing machine, and forming machine. Combining the know-how accumulated for more than 24 years, KTM Tech covers wide range of tube mills – stainless steel tube mill(Ø5mm to Ø216mm), mild steel tube mill(Ø10 to Ø165.2mm), laser tube mill(Ø9.6 to Ø101.6), and titanium tube mill(Ø9.6 to Ø101.6). The straightening machinery is basically manufactured into six roll or ten roll type, with further manufacturing type of 12-roll and 14-roll depending on required precision. And also according to adjustment method of roll’s angle, the straightening machinery is made by dividing into three kinds of a full automatic, semiautomatic, and manual one. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods