4 wheeled electric motorcycle

1405M40https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1405M40] MINT is a venture established in 2009 for professionally developing and producing
electric automotives and eco-friendly vehicles. It has no long-history of business but holds solid base of developing new concept of products based upon years of experience and special know-how.

The company works in cooperation with advanced cooperative firms so as to generate better business outcomes including speedy and stable product production and supply. For the upcoming BIMOS 2014, the nation’s largest-scale auto exhibition, the company has ambitiously prepared its flagship model named “TAGO”.

Classified as Quadricycle in Europe, the 4 wheeled electric motorcycle with single seat weighs 230kg excluding battery. Permitting only one person, the model is very fun and clean transportation
for the unique works such as doing small errands, carrying out some activities in short trips, etc.

It shows maximum speed of 50km per hr. It boasts mileage of 50km with only one time of charging. With the 2.5Kw of rated power, it basically delivers 50kg of intake weight. Employing 4 wheels disc brake system, it ensures excellent safety in running. For the convenience and comfort of driver, the seat favored in passenger vehicles is adopted. TAGO CLASSICO is electric version of Runabout. Its classic design derived from the early 1900s, TAGO CLASSICO is ideal for resorts, parks and other recreational destinations. TAGO CLASSICO can be classified as Low Speed Vehicle.

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