Teeplus Sewer Pipe Connector

Teeplus Sewer Pipe Connector
https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryEstablished in 1999, Seoul-based Envirotech has grown into one of the major Korean companies that have developed eco-friendly solutions through ceaselessly developing and releasing many prominent highly competitive technologies and products.

The Teeplus Sewer Pipe Connector is the most important flagship item of the provider. This product is made to protect between the main pipe and the branch pipe without the occurrence of leakage even in an environment of more than 7Mpa water pressure in sewer construction. And so, this product protects the surrounding environment through blocking the progress of water pollution and ground subsidence, caused by contamination of groundwater, and influx of insoluble water. With the applied unique and sole technology in the world, this product is available for all kinds of pipes PE pipe, PVC pipe, DC pipe, cement pipe, etc. As it requires no depth in installation, the construction period is shortened. And so naturally, construction cost can be significantly saved. Now this product is shipped largely to export markets of Southeast Asia and the Middle East.


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