KEVA, Korea’s Representative Body Implementing Various EV-related Projects

The era of EVs is widely opening globally as shown by the release of growing numbers of new EV models caused by the accelerated increase in the supply of future cars to cope with climate change and fine dust, and to lead the global market for future cars.
The yearly numbers of EVs are increasing exponentially — affected by the highlighted advantages of exclusive platforms for EVs and the rapidly disappearing shortcomings of EVs.
There are also tangible effects being seen in the EV-applied areas of autonomous vehicles and mobility sharing models. Moreover, as EVs are considered nonpolluting vehicles in line with the strengthening of international environmental regulations and standards, global makers’ massive interest in manufacturing EVs is increasingly evident.
EVs are emerging as an essential lifestyle choice, and various EV-based business models are being created.
The Korea Electric Vehicle Association (KEVA) is carrying out various activities for the future of the general trend of the era of EVs. KEVA faithfully provides not only political, legal, and institutional consultancy, but also plays a role in bridging the gap between private- and public sectors for the future business models.
In particular, KEVA is playing a leading role as Korea’s representative body carrying out various kinds of challenging projects such as the information expansion and strengthening of international relations through overseas exchanges, the hosting of various related exhibitions, forums and training programs, etc.
As Korea’s representative agency for future EVs, KEVA will also intensify the linkages with other relevant organizations, both domestically and abroad. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods