Industrial Vacuum Pumps, a leading vacuum pump manufacturer in Korea, has been steadily developing and releasing various upgraded models of vacuum pumps.
DOOVAC’s rotary vane vacuum pump (MVO series) is an oil-circulated rotary vane type, which comprises rotor, vane and cylinder. The center of a rotor is eccentrically assembled to the center of cylinder and three vanes rotate with a centrifugal force in a pushed state to the inside wall of the cylinder. At this time, the vacuum takes place through four processes, which are suction, expansion, compression and discharge occurring from the volume change between vane and vane.
A stable and reliable vacuum may be obtained by using the oil for lubrication and sealing of a rotary part so that it can be used for various applications. The oil lubrication and sealing is consistently supplied to the cylinder without an extra oil pump through the pressure such as a suction difference, and so on. Circulating oil is discharged to the oil sump and returns and reuses 99.9% by gravity, a demister and an exhaust filter discharging only clean air, which allows it to be used in any environment.
DOOVAC’s other rotary vane vacuum pump (SML series) is the simple type where the spindle of the flange motor connects the pump rotor & cylinder directly and the cooling type used with cooling fan. This pump is small in size and lightweight, suitable for packing machines, printing machines, medical instruments and vacuum adhesion move, etc.
DOOVAC’s DEN-400 suction pump for dental medical work is the simple type where the spindle of the flange motor connect the pump impeller & cylinder directly and cooling type used with cooling fan. This pump is small in size and lightweight. These models are suction pumps for dental surgeries which is specially designed, are fabricated so that 3~4 units chairs may be simultaneously used with DEN-400 pump, because of strong suction force, and are economical and have to trouble by reducing water and electricity usage quantity while being used assembled in a row with SD-400 suction pumps when four more unit chairs are simultaneously used.

Underway to make its notable innovative history

DOOVAC is underway to make its notable innovative history based on accumulated know-how and advanced technologies. It makes its utmost efforts for trust building and customer satisfaction with its customer-oriented sense of responsibility and product quality. Also, it pursues up to grow together with its clients and cooperative companies.
The basic value of the company is to supply customerfirst service, endlessly pioneering potential global markets. To fully meet up the needs of the customers, DOOVAC established its own R&D institute, acquired local certifications for clean factory, Venture Company. Moreover, DOOVAC ensures quality through attaining overseas certifications such as ISO 14001, ISO149001, CE certification, and RoHS. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods