Hydraulic Breaker

Hydraulic Breakerhttps://korean-machinery.com///inquiryDaemo ever since its founding in 1989, has solely been committed to developing and exporting attachments for excavators, becoming one of the nation’s leading construction machinery manufacturers in terms of accumulated experience of technology development, production scales, and export competency. Now Daemo exports its versatile construction machinery through its three overseas branches in the United States, China, and Belgium and its network of overseas dealers in more than 50 countries. Daemo set a goal of accomplishing total sales of KRW700 billion for this year, gaining momentum from last year’s prominent performance of RW600billion in total sales and $35mill. in total export amount.

Among many of its top-notch construction machinery devices, the Alicon hydraulic breaker is comparatively the latest, highest grade product. This breaker “Alicon” is designed using technology accumulated over the past 25 years. The total power control (TPC) system applied in it can proficiently control the power and speed itself, depending on the thing required to be operated. This latest breaker has the so-called ABF (Anti-Blank Firing) system that can automatically sense the unnecessary target of firing and stop its operation at the same time. It also exhibits the top-level efficiency in operation and durability with its built-in unique operation mechanism that enables operators to conveniently control the exactly required operational functions depending on characteristics of workplaces and in consideration of users’ convenience. Current export destinations extend to over 50 nations. Some African regions are emerging as potential new partners of this company.

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