Refrigeration equipment

[Serial No. 2012-B-228]

Over the past 37 years, Ilyang OPO has committed to producing advanced models of refrigerators, freezer showcases, walk-in coolers, cold rooms, polyurethane panels and condensing units for commercial clients, on a consistent basis. Ilyang OPO’s major customers include Hanaro mart of the agricultural cooperative distributors, Lotte Department Store, Lotte Mart, Lotte Super, Samsung Tesco, GS Retail, Family Mart, Buy The Way, Seoul Milk, and The Dairy Industry.

And also Ilyang OPO has a firm position as a leader in the industry through stylish design and strict quality control.

Refrigeration-equipment Ilyang OPO is introducing advanced skills in order for customers to save more energy in their application sites. With various types of products with creative designs, Ilyang OPO is fully meeting the growing number of customer requirements despite ever-changing stores environments. The ensured meticulous and nearly perfect process in manufacturing of refrigeration equipment leads to higher quality on a steady basis.

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