Rotating Parts of Steam Turbines & Gas Turbines

Winner of the $ 3 Milliion Export Tower
[INQ. NO. 2101M10] FLOWDY is a manufacturer specializing in exporting the rotating parts of steam turbines and gas turbines.
The company carries out the entire manufacturing process, including centrifugal casting, forge welding and heat treatment, to manufacture the parts made of special alloy.
Currently, the company is localizing the core parts of rotating equipment that used to be imported by using its 3D scanning technology and the reverse engineering technique.
The company manufactures core parts of steam and gas turbines used for nuclear, hydro, thermal and combined heat and power generation plants.
As the steam or the gas passes through the blades inside the turbine under high temperature and high pressure, it delivers a force that rotates the turbine at a high speed, and the turbine rotates the power generator to generate electricity.

This is a modular part where the fixed-wing combined with the rotor is assembled to the ring. It controls the direction and the speed of steam so that the force can be effectively delivered to the rotating wing.
It is a device that rotates the central axis connected to the generator by increasing the speed energy inside the turbine.
Even a company that has advanced technology in the area of machinery cannot easily develop a diaphragm, since its manufacturing process is complicated.


Labyrinth seal
This is a sealing device installed between the fixed and the rotating parts inside a turbine, which prevents steam from leaking. FLOWDY was able to develop technology that maximizes the sealing effect by changing the shape of the packing ring or applying a special material.

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AC/DC Motors & Domestic Ventilation Fans & Industrial Fans

Winner of the $ 3 Milliion Export Tower
[INQ. NO. 2101M09] WRobotech ENG Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 as one of the fan and motor companies in Korea. Since its beginning, the company was oriented toward exporting worldwide including the Middle East, Oceania, Asia and South America. Its products range from AC/DC motors, to domestic ventilation fans, and industrial fans. Having invested heavily in research and development, the company

Robotech ENG

provides world-class products that have been successful in the global market. In 2003, the company developed a highly efficient BLDC motor with low cost for the first time in Korea, affiliated with another high-tech company. In 2007, they have also launched a new electronics division.
Quality-wise, Robotech has oriented itself to supplying innovative, high-tech electrical and electronic products. Its commitment to quality and innovation continues to earn the company respect around the world.
Along with its challenging att itude to acquire even bett er technology, Robotech will continue to provide customers satisfaction at the highest possible level under its motto, “Innovation and development.”

AC/DC Motors & Domestic Ventilation Fans & Industrial Fans

Features of Industrial Fans and Domestic Ventilation Fans
First of all, industrial fans are made with steel, which makes them so durable. They are ideal for ventilation of restaurants, factories, workshops, warehouses and pretty much anywhere with high air volume, like greenhouses, barns, stalls, etc.
Industrial fans are shaped in bell mouse type with specially designed impellers, which guarantee low noise, low energy consumption and great capacity of air volume.
And their fume resistance and corrosion resistance capabilities are excellent. These steel fans are fully made in Korea, and are widely sold in the Middle East.
Domestic ventilation fans are made with ABS and PP plastic. They are ideal for living rooms, bathrooms, offices, restaurants, libraries, smoking rooms, workshops, etc.
There is no need for additional shutters. In other words, even if the power is off , the blades close automatically with no need for manual control.
And they are very simple to operate with these automatic shutters and easy to connect to thermostats, gas detectors, etc. The shutters close completely so that insects and even odors do not penetrate. They are fully manufactured only in Korea as well.

Winner of the $ 3 Milliion Export Tower | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods