Ballast Water Treatment System

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[INQ. NO. 2201M08] TECHCROSS Inc., which was established in the KIST venture complex in 2002, started the land wastewater treatment business after developing a disinfection system using self-developed electrolysis technology.
Since then, the IMO enacted the Ballast Water Management Convention (BWM Convention) in 2004 to prevent destruction of the marine environment by harmful microorganisms in ballast water. TECHCROSS Inc. thus developed the ballast water treatment system by grafting the existing electrolysis technology to ballast water and obtained a basic approval for it in 2006 for the first time in the world.

Ballast Water Treatment System

TECHCROSS Inc. has been setting records such as succeeding in the installation of an explosion-proof product for the first time in the world, and of developing the VLCC product for the first time in the industry, and conquering the global market with excellent product performance and installation know-how. It obtained a type approval from USCG in June 2018, the first in Korea which is expected to become a new solution for the continuing long-term recession in the marine equipment industry.
ECS (Electro-CleenTM System), the ballast water treatment system developed by TECHCROSS Inc., treats microorganisms in ballast water using the electrolysis principle. In other words, it electrically sterilizes seawater directly at the same time it flows into a ship and passes through an electrolysis chamber. At this time, as seawater passes between electrodes in the chamber, it is disinfected by three different disinfection methods, disinfection by a potential difference, disinfection by radicals generated momentarily by an electrochemical reaction and chlorine contents, generated at the time of electrolysis, remaining in the ballast water tank and blocking regeneration of microorganisms. Through these, disinfection can be done more perfectly.

Ballast Water Treatment System

ECS not only has excellent sterilizing power but is also compact in size, which makes it easy to install in a confined space. It has low power consumption and saves operating time and cost because it satisfies emission standards with just one treatment when ballasting.
Above all, TECHCROSS Inc. has the unique advantage of having more sufficient knowledge and experience in the industry than anyone else as the company entered the business as soon as the market for ballast water treatment was formed.
Recently, TECHCROSS Inc. developed an indirect treatment system besides the treatment system using a direct electrolysis method, and maintained a systematic AS service system to quickly respond to customers’ enquiries related to the approval and product operation.
In addition, the company is striving as a total solution provider in the ballast water treatment system industry, to establish training centers with actual products installed at major hotspots worldwide, or opening regular training programs, or developing educational materials to increase the crews’ understanding of the product. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods