Knitting Machine – Dongsung

Automatic Forming MachineIt seems that technology advances a lot faster than we might have thought it would. Certainly, today’s world is plainly different from that of yesterday. Every day, new gadgets come and make old ones go away. Industrial scenes went through the biggest change; for example, labor productivity increases in factories as machines do the job. And Korea’s Dongsung Precision has been behind the scenes.


Founded in 1987, Dongsung Precision for over two decades has trodden an eventful path, which is also the machine-full history that shows the manufacturer’s creative and innovative capabilities. Starting with a rotary table in 2000, Dongsung Precision has developed several more machines to be selected as “INNO-Biz”, “Promising Company”, and “Export Promising Company” by the Small & Medium Business Administration. As to quality issue, the firm can guarantee customers the best products evidenced by a slew of international certificates such as ISO9001 and CE.


Glove Knitting MachineDongsung’s glove knitting machine focuses on improving productivity. It is also the ultimate result of Dongsung’s innovation and engineering solutions: over 20 patents applied including several utility model patents. The machine is available for manufacturing from simple cotton gloves to sophisticated fashion gloves, and it also is capable of performing multiple processes such as printing, coating, and knitting. Single-cylinder sock knitting machine DST-607 series models features 3-dimensional knitting function, rubber-knitting function, 2 down pickers system, etc. Donsung’s automatic forming machine (rotary type forming) is the most ideal tool for any ultra-precision molding. For more information, you can visit


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