Car Filter – Lafien

Cabin FilterA car is constructed with many small or big parts. Each of them independently plays a vital role in allowing a car to hit the road. Unless they are all working in close coordination with each other, a vehicle eventually breaks down. Some of these important parts are filters. They are essentially blocking foreign objects from interfering with mechanism in a car. If they fail, a driver will face lots of mechanical failures or even life threatening ones. Korea’s Lafien as a filter maker wants to prevent the misfortune from taking place.

Since it began its first operation in 1975, the filter specialist has been dedicating its years of expertise and technology to make the finest auto spare parts for oil, air, cabin air, and fuel filters available at affordable prices. Its reputation in the market has grown to enable supplying products to Korea’s major car makers such as Hyundai and Kia and Japanese ones as well. With skillful talents and the latest production facilities, Lafien’s future is bright on the global stage.

Lafien deserves its claim as a “Filter expert”. The firm can offer varied types of auto filters. For major filter products, Lafien’s cabin filters are for Toyota models, and its air filters are adopted by several well-known car manufacturers like Hyundai, Kia, Isuzu, and Mitsubishi. For oil filters, these items are numerous, and their customers are mostly global car makers both in Asia and Europe. Also there are fuel and industrial filters available. More product information can be found at


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