Co2 Fire Extinguishing System

Co2 Fire Extinguishing System is a specialist manufacturer and System Integrator of Fire Protection / Safety Systems and High Pressure Gas Cylinders. As the Korean market leader, the company has taken its expertise and experience into the global market to establish a reputation for excellence and customer support. NK has expanded its capabilities from acknowledged leadership in Marine Fire Protection to a premier position as supplier of a full range of system products. In collaboration with world leading system component suppliers and an outstanding distributor organization, the company has developed a global recognition for providing system to the high quality demanded today.

NK’s high pressure Co2 fire extinguishing systemis a most effective system for protection of machinery spaces, paint stores and cargo hold. As a fire extinguishing agent, Co2 is non-corrosive and causes no chemical reaction on metals, electrical insulations. Co2 does not deteriorate with age and can therefore be stored for an indefinite time.

And another competitive flagship product, Ozone system, produces a low concentration of active substances ozone treatment by injecting ozone into the ship’s ballast water. It is composed of two integrated modules that consist of an ozone producing part and injection part, so that the system as modularized can be installed in the manner of plug and play. Ozone will be injected into seawater at outlet of ballast pumps in engineroom and the system can be installed onboard all type of vessels. Ambient ozone will be converted back to oxygen prior to release into the environment.

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