Mechanical/Hydraulic Press Machine & Automation Device

simpac has been enjoying an excellent reputation for its state-of-the-art technology in a variety of press machines ranging from mechanical to hydraulic in type and from 35 ton to 2,500 ton in mechanical tonnage, 50 ton to 8,000ton in hydraulic tonnage and other automation equipment in Korea over the past 37 years.

The company’s mechanical and hydraulic press machine modeled DL Series has high torque and low uniform velocity characteristics. DL-series is effective for deep drawing of large products such as door panel, hood, etc. and intermission process. DL-series has strong frame with enough intensity against eccentric load. Also, DLseries can provide more productivity approximately 25% comparing to Crankless Press. It is possible due to the link motion. Link motion performs low descending speed and fast ascending speed. Low descending speed allows more power and time to do the deep-drawing of the metal sheet and fast return speed increase the productivity.This model has been loved by the customers to be applied as the head press machine of the tandem line which is producing the auto parts and giving more profit to the customers.

And the maker was awarded the Quality Assurance system first in Korea for design, production, installation and guarantee service for industrial presses in conformity with DIN EN ISO-9001 by TUV-CERT of Germany and gained CE approval with EC Type Examination Crank, Crankless, Link Type Press for compliance with essential safety requirements of LR (Lloyd’s Resister) Directive.

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