Automatic Washing Machine

Automatic Washing Machine is a specialty supplier of automotive-manufacturing equipment, environmental wastewater-treatment facilities, and rubber-related new materials. Since its establishment in 1989, Fine has been providing facilities of automotive engine and transmission such as Automatic washers, Leak test equipment, Automated assembly machines and finishing equipment for various automobile
companies. Also this maker is well-known for its development capacity of highspeed centrifuge which can control Dehydration processing process, and Sludge processing for environmental wastewater process, fine-chemical food, and Pharmaceutical Industry.

Fine’s flagship automobile’s part washing machine is designed especially for the engine. The main purpose of the washing machine is to remove chips, oil, and dusts from part machining process with proper water pressure and well-designed system. Each process is as like washing, drying and delivering parts to the next step. Also they are becoming more complicated to meet the condition with auto vehicles’ stricter quality tests and improved performance that needs to remove burr, chips and other substances. All processes of this washer are automatically conducted.

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