https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryGumYoung General has been a prominent player in South Korea’s elevator industry since 1996. This maker provides total solutions of manufacturing, maintenance service and modernization of elevators. Its various models of elevators are designed for passengers, observations, hospitals, and freight/car lifts.

While always following the principle of “safety” as top priority, GYG’s elevators are designed with emphasis on such special devices and systems as multi-beam door sensor and door detachment preventing systems. The multi-beam door sensor is aimed at securing the passenger’s safety by re-opening the doors before touching passengers.

ElevatorsAnd the door detachment preventing system is a specially designed structure in the upper and lower sides of the door that protects passengers from falling by preventing the door’s detachment. The supported precise leveling and optimum open-close speed significantly enhance the safety and reliability of the system. Optionally a fire-proof door certified by KS is available.

And also optionally but for the highest level of safety, the so-called 2nd safety braking device(Rope Gripper) can be employed. Such secured differentiated features as economic installation space, easy maintenance, low noise&low vibration, energy-saving inverter, human-oriented design and environment-friendly materials, etc. are solely aimed toward meeting high technology-centered customer satisfaction.

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  1. Sk Rabuil ALam says:

    We are From Bangladesh
    we want to import Elevator for use Home as Commercial product In Bangladesh

    Pls give me product list and price

    Md. Nazrul islam
    AF Motors
    Comilla, Dhaka

    • Hello there! Thank you for the comment. I’m sorry that your inquiry by reply is not taken. For receiving your inquiry officially, please send inquiry again by “inquiry” button in this post.
      Thanks a lot again. Have a great day.

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