Magic Grating (Steel Grating)

Magic Grating (Steel Grating) Engineering has developed safe and environmentally friendly products. After endless and intensive R&D efforts, it has succeeded in developing a notable new product called Magic Grating with a triangular structure that can replace the existing grating products. Now Bethel Engineering has grown to a level of establishing the safety standards for grating. And this steel grating specialist has developed the non-slip Magic Grating for the plant industry.

Currently such products are being developed for nuclear power plants, thermoelectric power plantsincluding shipbuilding, ships and offshore plants. Bethel Engineering’s Non-slip Magic Grating is a new product of embossed processing technology. The applied innovative triangle structure for the product enables walking on without sliding and a wheelchair can cross without getting stuck. This non-slip magic grating is one of the most conspicuous features in design to improve embossment.

Outstanding sliding prevention performance against raining and snowing and even ice-bound seasons is ensured. It has also another attractive feature for conveniently working and passing on even with gasoline and oil without being slippery. The added fine net of an existing safety net magic grating effectively prevents any failing of small tools.

That’s why this product is called one of the powerful solutions for shipbuilding. The triangle structure fits perfectly on a heavy weighted road because of the strong load process. Moreover, the optimal load design is possible based on each load and ensures a safer working space when used, especially in a plant.

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