Single line Injection Epoxy Pump

Single line Injection Epoxy Pump Since its establishment in 1995, Y&K Tech. has contributed a great deal of advancements and production of concrete repair supplies and equipment for the domestic construction industry.

Currently, this maker supplies a broad line of epoxy and polyurethane resin products used for repairing cracks or joints in concrete structures, such as foundation walls, dams, tunnels, and large diameter pipes. This provider also specializes in developing and producing its own line of patented injection pumps: “Our customers worldwide can experience proper time and treatment of specialized services and delivery from our company,”explained the president of this company.

The dual injection epoxy pump branded MET2000, through the use of the PID system, regulates the amount of pressure being injected preventing the port attached to the structure from being damaged or exploding during the injection process. The flow of the resin and hardener can be monitored using the resin flow and the mixture monitoring window. The flow rate of the each pump injector should maintain a rate of ±3% during the injection.

The information on the injection pressure and the amount of resin used during work time can be saved. All saved data can be restored for monitoring and recording. If the injected ratio exceeds the allowed amount of 5%, the resin injection ratio monitoring system alerts the operator through an alarm signal.

A clear window is installed on the mixture unit to monitor the resin mixture. And the manual cleaning pump is included separately so it can be cleaned manually
without electrical power.

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