Ceramic Coating Materials

Ceramic Coating Materials
https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryB&B’s Atometal® AM-C series is a new type of corrosion control solution which blended ceramic polymer with specific metal powders and pigments. Blending ceramic polymer with special additives, it provides excellent characteristics such as strong adhesives, abrasion resistance, flexibility and impact resistance, multi-layered barrier against corrosion & fouling factors, curing in the water, and high solid content&low VOC.

AM-C-IGF, is a multi-component system composed of metals, ceramics and glass flakes in a ceramic polymeric binder, provides excellent performance in corrosive environment, at ambient or elevated temperature. This product is designed for industrial use at constant process of 350ºF≤and intermittent temperatures of ≤450ºF. Online coating can be applied on the maximum temperature 60ºC. AM-C-O 430, is a plural component system composed of vinyl esther & glass-flake in a polymeric binder. It provides excellent anticorrosion protection in corrosive immersion condition suitable for both steel and concrete application. This product is designed for providing outstanding chemical resistance performance in heat-elevated conditions of up to 150 Celsius working temperature.


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