Metal Repairing System

Metal Repairing System’s Atometal® AM-A series is enhanced with a high-adhesive forming additive, quality pure ceramic with high concentration of metal powder in a polymeric binder, AM-A processes remarkable hardness property after cured. With a hardness of Rockwell R106(ASTM D1002), it represents a new repairing solution capable to replace conventional welding methods.

Metal Repairing System
This solution’s various features include high mechanical strength, ease of use, high chemical resistance, cost-saving effects with high durability, high tensile strength, cutting capability after cured, high shock resistance, strong adhesive, no sagging, and very effective for fluid. Atometal has proven able to transform metal surfaces suffering from deterioration in performance and efficiency and is accepted worldwide by such global companies as Chevron, Posco SZ, STX, Samsung Heavy Industry, Petronas, GS Caltex, MEW, and KEPCO.

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