Micro-prism Type Retro Reflective Sheeting(RV-5000Series)

Micro-prism Type Retro Reflective Sheeting(
https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryMNTech has released ultra-brightness micro-prism type RV-5000 reflective sheeting series. This product is designed to be conveniently attached to left flank and backside of various vehicles including trucks, trailers, buses, etc. and so it helps ensure conspicuously improved visibility. Thus, it is superior to the existing general level of reflective sheeting in securing of visual field angle.

This RV 5000 series is currently used not only at many newly emerging foreign markets, but also international advanced nations such as the U.S.A, Japan, Canada, etc. MNTech developed prism type LCD BLU optical films for the first time in Korea. With its innovative products and advanced technology, this company has become a world leader in the field. Based upon the growth of the optical film market, MNTechhas opened a new window to the future and is building a business portfolio for new businesses such as ITO film for touch screens & metal mesh solution business, retro-reflective film for traffic safety business and window film for vehicles and buildings business.


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