Gear coupling

[Serial No. 2012-B-237]

JAC Coupling is currently manufacturing high-quality standard couplings conformable to KS and JIS requirements. JAC’s attractive coupling includes Gear, Grid, Disc, Micro, Rubber, Jaw, and Tire coupling.

The gear couplings are far smaller and lighter than competitors’ ones and are equipped with the capacity for handling heavy loads. Noise or vibrations are hardly produced even in high-speed operation. The teeth of the outer gear are manufactured in a crown shape. The gear coupling made of S45C has a good endurance for high-speed and peak loads.

Gear-coupling Currently, JAC is delivering these couplings to the Japanese market that requires high-precision and high-quality more than any clients in the tough global markets. Moreover, JAC further advanced into Southeast Asia and South America markets, replacing the existing European and Japanese items. JAC’s products are very popular in the global market due to their highest quality with reasonable and competitive prices. Now, with its 38 years of accumulated know-how, JAC’s efforts are underway to make inroads into the European and the United Stated markets.

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