BLDC-geared motor

[INQ. NO. 1412M16] GGM now produces more than 400 kinds of BLDC-geared motors and controllers such as standard AC motor, shaded-pole AC motor, DC brush motor, BLDC motor, and decelerators. Operating two factories with 2,000m2 and 2,600m2 area, each, with more than 100 skilled persons, the company has already localized production of micro DC motor and acquired UL, CE certifications for over 40 kinds of flagship products in actively responding to the global competition era. Now such products are being sought by over 30 nations. Of those, Fuji and Sanyo from Japan, GE and Emerson from the United States are the most representative partners of the company. Based on the accumulated driving force over the past 34 years, GGM has plan to make its utmost and unremitting efforts to contribute to global industrial development.

BLDC-geared-motor GGM’s BLDC-geared motors are now considered an essential component that is used for various sectors of industrial realms including industrial devices, automation equipment, and home appliances. The compact-designed motors realize high power with low noise. As UL, CE, and CCC-certified products, it fully satisfy international standards on quality and environment management systems. Thus, they are highly popular among global industrial sectors. Currently, the company targets customers mainly in the United States, Japan, China, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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