Automatic gas mixing system

[INQ. NO. 1503M12] Sehwa Hightech has since establishment in 1995 been solely focusing its energy on meeting the needs of its customers through developing and supplying automatic gas mixing systems especially for such local major customers as Samsung Electro-Mechanics, POSCO, Korea Railroad Research Institute. “With an establishment motto “Excellent Gas Solution”, we are always seeking to present higher levelsof customer-optimized solutions,” said the company’s president Kim Yeok-am.

Automatic-gas-mixing-system Sehwa Hightech’s current flagship automatic gas mixing system Magnesium Shield Gas Mixer is a product that precisely controls the density of SF6 and N2 gas and supplies them as essentially needed items in the manufacturing process of magnesium sheet and prevents them being exposed to oxygen, and it thus fundamentally blocks the possible release of lowquality magnesium sheets.

As preference increases for various kinds of lightweight parts in different areas including transportation equipment, demand for magnesium sheet is also increasing. This system is now also used for companies engaged in producing coil, automotive wheels, etc.

Automatic-gas-mixing-system_! “Our magnesium shield gas mixer technology could be led to the localization of gas mixer used in semiconductor and high-tech material areas. And such accumulated mixer-related technology can be selected for foreign markets,” stressed the president.

“The positive ripple effects triggered by the development of magnesium shield gas mixer are countless. Through secured safety in magnesium casting process, operators can prevent the possible occurrence of magnesium explosion in advance. The supported density adjustment function makes it possible for operators to see the extended lifespan of related devices. It realizes process stabilization through high reproducibility. The optimized manufacturing process led to reduced consumption of SF6 gas andconsequently minimized environmental pollution,” he noted.

In 2010, the magnesium shield gas mixer won a technological recognition from the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards(KATS), an organization operated under the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy(MOTIE), as one of the NEPs (New Excellent Products). Moreover, this year, SehwaHightech was selected as an IP Star Company proving its capability to develop and manufacture world-class products.

It has also already extended its business portfolio even into the new-generation-energy business section. Through a technological partnership formation with a Japanese maker, it successfully started supplying fuel cell power generation performance analysis equipment needed in the fuel cell development process. The maker is enjoying another adventurous attempt through building an IT fusion center in which various forms of experiments for securing new competitive high-tech are being carried out. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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