Top-quality cold forging products

[INQ. NO. 1503M11] Bosung Metal Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 1984, and specializes in the production of cold forging and safety belt shafts, fare bolts, and special bolts for motors. It has been operating a cold forging business department and heat treatment business department on the basis of technological power accumulated for more than 20 years, coping with the fast-changing domestic and foreign environment. It has been doing its best for customer satisfaction through various kinds of patents, environmental certificates, quality control certificate system, and PL systemic thought. Through the company philosophy of combination, independence, and creation, it focuses on top quality and providing products on time.

Bosung-Metal-Industry Bosung Metal Industry manages its quality control systems of QS- 9000, ISO 9002 and ISO 14000 certifications. The company is equipped with various facilities such as parts formers, K. J. presses, and others that enable manufacture of any kind of cold-forging products. Through the continuous R&D and fitting process design by the exclusive technology development department, Bosung Metal Industry provides best-quality products with attractive prices and precise delivery time.

cold-forging-products Since 1984, Bosung acquired various patents and utility design, including the utility design of heat metallic pattern for multi-layer heading machine, and the patent on heat treatment method and device for UC loosening of tap part of bearing inner wheel. Also, through its R&D Technical Center established in 2004, the company was appointed as the “INNO-BIZ” company.

Bosung prepared its current flagship items for this year’s overseas promotion – seat belt parts, and fluid carrying systems. The seat belt parts, including the torsion bar, rack gear, shaft and housing clutch satisfy not only the product performance, but also in terms of design. The torsion bars are applied to load-limiter type and pre-tensioner type for reducing pressure on passengers during accidents. Also, the retractor-type is the standard model for passenger safety during accidents.

The flare nut for oil tubing from the company is a product connecting the vehicle oil and fuel pipe to the vehicle body and the unit. Currently, 12 million pieces are products per month to be supplied to domestic and foreign OEM companies including the United States and China. Single PPM is under management | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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